flannel division is a technology & design firm

we help our clients develop concepts and build outstanding products
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Flannel Division offers client services engagements in strategic planning, concept design, product development, and systems integration. We believe that placing a heavy emphasis on design thinking and experimentation is critical for successful engagements.

Our technical team has deep expertise with cryptoassets, blockchain, network science, information security, and distributed computing. While we are technology experts, we are also collaborative storytellers who believe that the ideal product creates a magical experience for users such that the underlying tech is invisible. Much like the projects that we work diligently to cultivate, every member of our team has their own distinct origin story that is an important ingredient in our creations.

Flannel Division got its start in 2014 as the Engineering arm of Trammell Ventures, an Austin-based venture capital firm and product incubator. After our team delivered internal cryptoasset trading, alternate reality gaming, and blockchain development projects, we decided to offer our design and technology expertise to outside clients to with innovative mindsets.
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strategic planning
Our subject matter experts offer consulting services to support strategic planning, investment and product assessment, technical oversight, and market insights. We have deep backgrounds with cryptoassets and blockchain, and offer the opportunity to engage with Dustin D. Trammell, the third user of Bitcoin. Additionally, our team has extensive expertise in network science cloud technology, information security, and gamification.
concept design
We lead discovery engagements that result in actionable requirements and produce implementable architecture and design recommendations based on a scientific approach. We combine our diverse industry knowledge, stakeholder input, and iterative experimentation and prototyping to identify the best solutions for our clients. Our process takes market and business reality into consideration because our top priority is for your products to succeed. We can produce pedantic formal documentation or slick marketing white papers, tailored to your need.
product development
We offer traditional iterative product development engagements at all phases of the engineering lifecycle. Have us build a key component of your system or deliver a turnkey product development. Past successful products have included a turnkey cryptocurrency, online mobile games, glueware for interactive experiences, SaaS offerings, and more. We are pragmatic and honest about what solution we think will work best for you and aren't tied to any particular approach.
systems integration
Our team has decades of experience integrating components from disparate stakeholders. This includes leading massive working groups to drive to standards, requirements, and interfaces for government and industries. We enjoy connecting up systems that don't usually talk with each other such that they blend real and immersive experiences.
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